plugin Back to making plugins again!

Hello everyone, I am back to making plugins again, if any request go to this forum
Request Plugins

I am going to make @Tillreetree@fc7e1f5a Birthday notification, and will be released soon, hope you all having a great day!!!

SurveyBuilder-Admin(Flatboard Moderator)

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Welcome to new moderator!

As you can see, I'm less present on development and on the forum.
To make it quick, I moved and found another job that requires more responsibility.


I’m happy to announce that we have one new moderator! 🎉👋

Please give a warm welcome to @SurveyBuilder-Admin.A who will be joining our moderator team. We’re very excited to have…

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Flatboard 2.3 AMSTERDAM Released!

We are pleased to announce the release of Flatboard 2.3 .
Thanks to all the people who support Flatboard!

Don't forget to backup your data before update.

Changelog v2.3 - Release date: 2019-06-02
* 💢 Notice JSON_PRETTY_PRINT (revert to define)
* 💢 Install path root (Thx Simon L.)
* [+] Cleaner JSON encoding
* 💢 Fix for…

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Flatboard 2.2 BAKOU Released!

We are pleased to announce the release of Flatboard 2.2 .
Thanks to all the people who support Flatboard!

Changelog v2.2 - Release date: 2019-04-06
* 💢 Break long word text in lastpost, topics and replies.
* 💢 Blog URL parameter in blog.php.
* 💢 Create safe string with transliterate between cyrillic and latin. (Impact…

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Flatboard 2.1 “PIÉMONT”

I highly recommend applying this update.

Changelog v2.1 - Release date: 2019-02-22
[+] [THEME] Updated with Bootstrap v4.3.1
[+] Themes "Bootstrap theme switcher 1.1" updated (Flatboard Pro)
[+] Code optimization.
[-] Removing the method that regenerates the key with a new file when changing the password.
[+] 💢 Security: Any password with good captcha give moderator access (Ho my…

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Flatboard 2.0 "BELGRADE"

I am pleased to announce the official release of Flatboard 2.0.
This one is available in 2 variant, a "standard" version that allows you to try Flatboard WITHOUT any limit and a "Pro" version which also contains some plugins and themes not available in the resources.

Changelog v2.0 - Release date: 2019-02-10
[/] 💢 Update Parsedown lib…

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Hooks list for developpers

Hi Flatboard user's

I just recently updated documentation with the entire list of hooks available for the development of plugins.
I leave this discussion open to any request to add if warranted.
At your pen to enlarge the resource section of the forum!

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✨ Happy new year!

May this year give you the opportunity to follow your dreams, love like there is no tomorrow and smile unconditionally.
Happy New Year!

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