[SOLVED] What is the notification center?

solved What is the notification center?
Fan#17562 Monday 25th April 2016, 23:10:11


What is the Notification Center, in the Admin menu?

By the way, in the notification center, I get "Update check failed for an unknown reason." and "Mail sending function available"

Am I asking too many questions? :)

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Fred  Tuesday 26th April 2016, 09:00:10

Hi **Fan**,

All questions are welcome 😏!
The notification center actually indicates the server health to Flatboard.
That did not stop working, but there may be seeing less options, as sent spam mail notification if the mail function is not installed on the server, or verifying a new version of Flatboard if Curl is available either.
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Fan#17562  Tuesday 26th April 2016, 22:10:39

Ok, thank you Fred!

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