Soon Subforums are possible

Soon Subforums are possible
Alexander Liebrecht Sunday 23rd April 2017, 13:11:33

Hi Developers,

I long for the function "Subforums" with Flatboard.

I would like to add and create sub-forums to my main forums.

Will you allow such a flatboard function one day?

Perhaps this is integrated in the core of the software or you have to write a plugin.

Then I wait for your feedback.

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Fred  Sunday 23rd April 2017, 13:42:43

Nothing is planned to create sub-forum, is Flatboard do not want to play in the big yard.
So sorry but no I do not plan to integrate this functionality.
If a person wants to develop a plugin, the door is wide open ;)
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Alexander Liebrecht  Sunday 23rd April 2017, 14:46:30

No Problem, Fred! 

I just wanted to inquire cautiously ;)

But if it is not planned, then so does the synonymous. I am very happy that I have flatboard and it is still a very cool and easy to manage forum. Thank you.