Feedback for Flatboard v1.0 Beta 4

Feedback for Flatboard v1.0 Beta 4
Alexander Liebrecht Wednesday 3rd May 2017, 12:18:53

Hi @Fred,

I have today synonymous accomplished the update and for the first time no bugs or other seen.

Plugins I have also an update, so my flatboard installation is uptodate.

Then I wanted to ask you something else? Would a forum signature make sense?

As an Admin I imagine the forum signature. Since there is no user mamagement, the signature for all users is rather out of the question.

What can you tell me?

Thanks in advance.

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Fred  Wednesday 3rd May 2017, 14:44:32

Hi Alexander,
I'm not scheduled for the moment, but here's a tip to add it in the meantime.
Search line 63 in view.php and line adds this code:
			            ' .($topicEntry['role'] == 'admin' ? '<br /><ul class="unstyled muted"><li>----------------------------------</li><li>Don\'t forget to read the => <a href="view.php/plugin/page/p/docs">DOC</a></li><li>Discuss Flatboard in non-english languages => <a href="view.php/forum/international-discussions">HERE</a></li></ul>' : ''). '		

Save the file and upload it in your server.
If you want for replys, search in the same file:
' .Parser::content($replyEntry['content']). '

And add after the same code.
  • Before ask a question, read the documentation.
  • 🎉  Featured as #1 product of the day on Product Hunt
  • Please like in 👍🏻
  • ╰☆╮Flatboard╰☆╮ is a open source and community contributions are essential to project success!
  • <TextField>, my new CMS project designed by a passionate developer, for developers!
  • I am currently busy 😫.

Alexander Liebrecht  Wednesday 3rd May 2017, 15:56:09


Thanks for the super tip and the result with me can be seen ;) Only in the Replys I add it and already should fit.