Feedback about Flatboard v1.0 RC 2

Feedback about Flatboard v1.0 RC 2
AlexanderLiebrecht Monday 29th May 2017, 15:05:41

Hi @Fred and Community,
I would like to get some feedback on the new flatboard version. I already have the support forum here with the new web design and I am very glad that we have now got it everywhere.
Flatboard still behaves normally and any bugs I could not determine. I have updated plugins and made the main upgrade too. The new forum design is cool and innovative.
I also have Adsense in the forum to monetize the project. Whether something is achieved, is another thing :)
I also find the possibility to work with the tags on the topics. "Solved" or "German" or "Plugin" will be gladly with me in the forum use.
Everything else I liked and therefore big thanks to you Fred. Good work and continue so much motivation and vigor !!

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Fred  Monday 29th May 2017, 23:06:24

Thank you for your encouragement, I am delighted that you take pleasure in using Flatboard on a daily basis. I will make sure to keep Flatboard, simple, light and cool.
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