I see here in the forum already Flatboard v1.0.1 :)

I see here in the forum already Flatboard v1.0.1 :)
AlexanderLiebrecht Friday 23rd June 2017, 07:09:10

Hi @Fred,

Cool that you already have Flatboard v1.0.1 here and also the new blog noticed. So it looks good and I think we users can use it well.

The tag system I already set, whereby I created with the Button Creator online which buttons and uploaded them to the FTP account. So I let them display in the forum.

On v1.0.1 I'm already looking forward ;)

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Fred  Friday 23rd June 2017, 09:27:03

Wait Alexander, I installed only for full-scale tests.
It will come out before I go on vacation 😎
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