Contact Form for Flatboard Forum as a Plugin

Contact Form for Flatboard Forum as a Plugin
AlexanderLiebrecht Sunday 13th August 2017, 21:55:32

Hi @Fred,

I have another plugin request and would it be possible to develop a contact form for the flatboard forum? You told me recently that you can use JS all sorts of helper plugins can write. For this reason, I am now asking for you.

The contact form should contain these fields.
- Surname
- First given name
- eMail
- Website
- Checkbox as mandatory field

We need the checkbox for German users because it is also necessary as a mandatory field. I would like to have it still so that I can place under the checkbox some content with a link. As soon as the checkbox is active, the sender can send the message to the Flatboard Forum Admin.

What do you think about it? Would that be possible according to your flatboard experiences?

Thanks in advance.

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Fred  Monday 14th August 2017, 18:41:03

Hi Alexander,
In fact I said that users can take as examples the other plugins, to create others. Especially those, or it will suffice to add that the JavaScript in the footer, as does the plugin NoFollow.
To contact plugin, it's not planned yet, because I do not have much time now. I work right now on the new version of Flatboard and a bigger plugin "Page".
I must also work on the download page, because I'll put up some paid plugins (like the plugin page) in order to maintain a development that take me more time.
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