How to embed a Dailymotion Video in Flatboard Posts

How to embed a Dailymotion Video in Flatboard Posts
AlexanderLiebrecht@5e3cf8af Friday 17th November 2017, 16:49:37

Hi Fred,

Can you tell me how I can embed a Dailymotion video in Flatboard. With shortcode [dailymotion] it does not work for me and with "iframe" also not.

How can I do that best with Dailymotion?

Thanks in advance.

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Fred  Monday 20th November 2017, 11:48:01

Hello Alexander,
The Dailymotion bbcode will be added in the next version ;)

Last modified by Fred on Monday 20th November 2017, 12:15:00
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AlexanderLiebrecht@5e3cf8af  Monday 20th November 2017, 13:03:21

Hi Fred,
Thanks for that :-)

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