Cannot send a Forum Topic on Flatboard v1.0.4

Cannot send a Forum Topic on Flatboard v1.0.4
AlexanderLiebrecht@5e3cf8af Thursday 28th December 2017, 10:08:46

Hi Fred,

I have strange behavior with Flatboard 1.0.4, in that I can no longer post in the forum. I enter Captcha normally, try to submit the forum topic.

But it appears that it is a wrong captcha. Does this have something to do with my new root server or with SSL or other?

Could you already observe this thing?

Thanks in Advance.

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AlexanderLiebrecht@5e3cf8af  Thursday 28th December 2017, 22:21:43

Very strange, because now everything works again. Today I adapted ModSecurity on the server and allowed rules.

It was probably the rule that was missing. But now I can log into Flatboard as an admin and create topics.

Otherwise would be a great pity about the forum and reporting :-)

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Fred  Friday 29th December 2017, 08:00:08

  The main thing and everything is working again :).
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