How do I find out my own username if it is forgotten?

How do I find out my own username if it is forgotten?
AlexanderLiebrecht Tuesday 9th October 2018, 15:06:44

Hi Fred,

I forgot my username here in the forum and in my forum. How do I find out the corresponding password? Otherwise the own signature will not be displayed in the topics.
Can somebody help me somehow?
Thanks in advance.

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simon  Tuesday 9th October 2018, 16:30:27

You can't find out the corresponding password

AlexanderLiebrecht  Tuesday 9th October 2018, 16:47:07

The username is entered there like this: Username@xxxx
The behind the "@" sign, I do not remember. In the admin of Flatboard I can log in well, only if I post in the forum, I do not know the correct user name anymore. Behind "@" must still follow a string.
Do you know what I mean?

hmmy  Tuesday 9th October 2018, 18:35:04

  It generates a trip #, which is hidden after Fred added you as a member.  I haven't taken a look at this code in years, but there's possibly a .txt file of some sorts which stores the user information.  Try looking within the lib folders.

Edit: Even then, that will probably only tell you the output.

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AlexanderLiebrecht  Tuesday 9th October 2018, 20:07:26

Thanks for the Hints. I have the forum signature in my FlatBoard Forum now changed and now all showing. 

Unfortunately, with the old forum topics, no signature is displayed, because as I said, the part behind "@" no longer knows. But here at Fred in the forum he knows maybe my password, which I used here for the user.
Let's wait.

Fred  Tuesday 9th October 2018, 22:04:47

So if you do not remember your password, Flatboard has no option to recover the password.
So I can not do anything about it...
If you have the plugin "signature", nothing prevents you to add your pseudo@pwdhash to associate with a signature.
Edit 1: Youre older pseudo is: AlexanderLiebrecht@5e3cf8af
Edit 2: Added your new here for get your sign.

Last modified by Fred on Tuesday 9th October 2018, 22:07:00
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AlexanderLiebrecht  Wednesday 10th October 2018, 15:14:18

Hi, Fred,
Thanks for the quick help. I'm testing this now and hope that it works. 

Edit: if I enter the password behind @, it indicates that it is too long or too short. Am I doing something wrong?

Last modified by AlexanderLiebrecht on Wednesday 10th October 2018, 15:16:00

Ben@49a5762e  Wednesday 9th August 2023, 22:15:15

One trick you can try which I have used to modify posts is to go into your data/topics folder. And search for the number id of the post you want to modify. Then open that post in a text editor and change your user name to your new user name. You can't do this here Fred would need to do it, But on your own forum it's easy peasy to change posts to different user names by replacing the user@with the hash shown by clicking on your name icon inside one of your posts that shows your user name to use.

Be sure to refresh the page after you save your changes to make sure you don't have any syntax errors or it will break your forum. If it happens you can revert back to the original file and try again, So always make a backup of the topic you are editing before you try this.