Flatboard 2.0 "BELGRADE"

Flatboard 2.0 "BELGRADE"
Fred Sunday 10th February 2019, 23:10:57

I am pleased to announce the official release of Flatboard 2.0.
This one is available in 2 variant, a "standard" version that allows you to try Flatboard WITHOUT any limit and a "Pro" version which also contains some plugins and themes not available in the resources.

Changelog v2.0 - Release date: 2019-02-10
[/] 💢 Update Parsedown lib (Properly support fenced code block infostring)
[+] 💢 Security: Parsedown escaping user-input within the HTML. (MARKDOWN EDITOR IS PENDING FOR THE MOMENT)
[+] Microtime Diff -- Calculate loadin time Flatboard (TIMESTAMP => true or false).
[+] New Bootstrap UI.
[+] New FlatBBcode editor with upload picture.
[+] New password security (password_hash() & password_verify()).
[+] Added simple_crypt() function, for Encrypt and decrypt moderator password.
[+] Improve speed load.
[+] More template added with 1 special admin.
[+] 💢 Security: Trip name, new pattern filter /[^A-Za-z0-9\-]/.
[+] 💢 More plugins update and fixed.
[+] Restructuring of the project by proposing a Flatboard Pro version with unreleased plugins Pack (Share, Like, Page and Shoutbox).
[+] 💢 Plugins view fixed if plugin is not enabled.
[-] 💢 Cleanup code.
[+] Updates in languages files.
[+] Now you can choose blog in default page.
[+] The plugin "Like" is now AJAX to greater dynamism. (Thank Simon L.)
[+] Active/Disable plugins in plugins list. (Thank Simon L.)
[+] Add more check for try install in server.
[+] Admin note in backend.

I recommend starting on a fresh install, but for those who want to try an update, here is the procedure.:
Login to Flatboard v1.0.5 and leave your session open.
Upload Flatboard 2.0 and go to Change my password.
Now you can use the new security password.

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