[MINIMALISM] Thoughts on the main features of CMS

[MINIMALISM] Thoughts on the main features of CMS
RED-LINE@42796168 Monday 1st April 2019, 17:44:31

I find the small size of this CMS its main feature.

I was upset that the Sheriff plugin takes up as much space as the whole system. This plugin contains a bunch of dependencies and third-party elements, such as the composer changelog file, readme files e t.c. It takes more than 90% of size Sheriff plugin. Maybe you shoul delete this files? Cuz nobody want or will read tons of "release notes" like text.

What you think??

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Fred  Monday 1st April 2019, 18:20:42

Hi RED-LINE and thank you for your question 😇,
I'm not totally agree with you.
In Shariff plugin backend part is very useful for tracking stats (you have filled in the site domain, see plugin page).
If you do not serve you, free for you to delete unnecessary files.
By cons if I have to update the plugin (new version of the script), it is true that I will leave all source files with (author, url ...) and I'm sure the plugin works.
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