Can flatboard forum be installed with lighttpd web server ?

Can flatboard forum be installed with lighttpd web server ?
756944e2 Sunday 3rd November 2019, 03:37:56

Is it possible to use the flatboard forum software with lighttpd web server ?

It looks like flatboard uses mod_rewrite to do URL rewriting and assumes apache mod_rewrite rules - is that correct ?

I am not sure if those same rules work for lighttpd and therefore I do not know if flatboard can work with lighttpd but I would like someone who knows better to comment ...

THank you.

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Fred  Sunday 3rd November 2019, 18:30:24

Hi anonymous,

Sorry but it is currently not possible to install Flatboard other than on an Apache server because Flatboard uses a url method house.
Perhaps a user has to try to make it compatible on lighttpd server?
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Sam  Thursday 14th November 2019, 09:32:34

Mod Rewrite isnt a problem, even under lighttpd. ;)

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