Update of the german translation

Update of the german translation
Sam Thursday 14th November 2019, 10:35:35

I looked into the german translation and its full of strange translations. If somebody is interested, I can upload my version.
And for the next time: Password is english, not german. And ö on one line and ö in the other, is confusing. ;)

Incorrect plurals:
Plugins/s-e-n => One Plugin, two Plugins.
Forums/s-e-n => One Forum, two Foren.
Thema/s-e-n = One Thema, two Themen.
Sekunde/s-e-n => One Sekunde, two Sekunden.
Antwort/s-e-n => One Antwort, two Antworten.

Btw. for the archive plugin:
One Archiv, two Archive.

Sadly it cant be translated with one word changing everytime.

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Fred  Friday 15th November 2019, 13:41:51

Hello Sam,
It should be seen on the discussion of Alexander & Michael, I can not help for the translation 😓
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