Adding new forum overwrites existing forum

Adding new forum overwrites existing forum
ibykus@2b2c01fe Saturday 14th March 2020, 18:09:03

I installed Flatboard 2.4 on my webserver. I am able to create a forum and topics, but if I add a second forum the first one gets simply replaced. Hence, I am never able to have more than one forum. I am not sure, but I guess this is not the intended behaviour?

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ibykus@2b2c01fe  Sunday 15th March 2020, 11:25:05

I noticed that the problem is caused by the fact, that

$forum = Parser:: safeString($_POST['name']);

in add.php always returns an empty string. Any idea what to do about this?

Fred  Sunday 15th March 2020, 14:13:03

Hi ibykus,
Your server run on apache?
Please change const DEBUG_MODE to TRUE and post your log file here or on my mail: stradfred[at]gmail[dot]com
Or send me your forum link in my mail with a admin account.

Last modified by Fred on Sunday 15th March 2020, 14:13:00
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