Hard to believe - a flat file forum

Hard to believe - a flat file forum
WebCrew@74bd43c8 Tuesday 2nd June 2020, 00:59:46

Hi @Fred hello Community

I would like to use this post to express my admiration to the developer.

I could hardly believe it when I came across "Flatboard". Someone has developed a "forum" as a flat file system - really?!? A CMS or any other system without a database and with a high volume of content, this was practically impossible to achieve with a flat file system. It was all the more surprising to me that this forum worked and that it was excellent.

Unfortunately, it is sad that the forum lacks awareness - I, who I have a lot to do with CMS and also develop small things myself, have never heard or read of Flatboard.. That's a real shame, because it would be an excellent choice, especially for smaller communities.

I am excited to see when the first person dares to implement a social network CMS in FlatFile. 😂😆😂

Good luck for the future and please stay tuned. Do not let this successful project die - it is so beautifully unique and simply a great idea that also takes courage.

Best regards from Germany,

Andy ("WebCrew" at GitHub)

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Fred  Wednesday 3rd June 2020, 10:47:00

Hi Andy,
Thank for your message of support, it encourages me even more for the version 3 of Flatboard 😊
It's true that I don't particularly promote it on social networks...
And thank you for using Flatboard for your project.
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