Two minor tweaks/enhancements request

Two minor tweaks/enhancements request
Var@4c5764c3 Tuesday 30th June 2020, 18:08:41

- make the profile avatar appear clickable

How it is: https://pasteboard.c(o)/JfvE8I0.png
How it should be: https://pasteboard.c(o)/JfvQIMO.png

(can be done by some css over the avatar img tag ( cursor: pointer; ))

- replace the current captcha system with reCAPTCHA? (it has to be tougher on bots and much easier to users 😊)

Just some ideas I thought would help.

Thank you for providing such a brilliant software free of cost, you are amazing! 😊

Last modified by Var@4c5764c3 on Tuesday 30th June 2020, 18:33:00

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Fred  Wednesday 1st July 2020, 21:49:15

Hi Var,

I'm agree for the cursor pointer in avatar.
But not for reCaptcha, but if you want make this in plugin is a possibility 😉
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