something to make theming a little easier

something to make theming a little easier
kat@a82479f8 Monday 1st February 2021, 23:42:24

a panel where some one could easily change the font or create custom presets and share them with others or not

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Tillreetree@fc7e1f5a  Tuesday 19th October 2021, 13:06:07

Totally agree! In fact, I think it's a little difficult for developers to make their own themes, you need to figure out how the default theme works (the code for the default theme is not very intuitive) to make your own.

Fred  Tuesday 19th October 2021, 17:33:37

Such a customization system considerably weighs down Flatboard.
The Theme folder can be duplicated, after I grant you that you have to put your hand in the cambui.
I don't know of a forum solution under 3MB to date that can do what you ask.
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