Upgrading from basic to pro - can I ... ???

Upgrading from basic to pro - can I ... ???
123456789abc01 Saturday 13th March 2021, 17:41:42

Hello everyone.
I installed flatboard and like the overall look & feel. However, I was looking for something with a bit more substance like the bigger forums. Not much, just the ability to add / control user signups as well as the ability to add images of up to 2MB in size so the images can be displayed at least 1200 px wide when viewed. I don't need an actual gallery or a photo album, but I definitely would like for people to be able to view each others occassional images. Is all of that possible if I switch to the pro version?
Will the installation of the pro version wipe out existing topics of the installed basic version?
Thank you.

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Fred  Saturday 13th March 2021, 22:47:43

Flatboard Pro is exactly the same version as the free version.
The only difference lies in the fact that Flatboard Pro includes a pack of plugins and that its purchase allows this project to come to life in its development but also in the purchase of its hosting.

Upgrading to the pro version does not affect the version already installed (backup data folder first!).

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