change these or i will hate flatboard forever

change these or i will hate flatboard forever
Asdd@4eef71a6 Thursday 13th May 2021, 02:29:41

get rid of the pseudo. because
1) it's easy for spammers to get back in if one pseudo is banned
2) it's easy to hack accounts (because you just copy-paste the pseudo of a random user and you can login as them. i'm a random guy logged in on Asdd's account 😊 )
3) don't wanna keep entering the same thing every time

fix the reply feature
if i click reply or quote, it just brings me to the bottom of the page..

make the admin panel have more features
the admin panel has barely anything and also make it so you create forums inside the admin panel
and add a feature to rearrange forums.. 😐

fix the blog
i make the blog a random forum and nothing shows on the blog
i make a post in that forum and still nothing
and there is no add button on blog page... wtf

add a profile
make it so when you click on a name it takes you to their profile
and in the profile you can add profile picture, signature, etc

add an edit feature

make it so you can take back reactions and also view who reacted
i clicked dislike on a post by accident and i can't undislike it
fix that. and also i wanna see who reacted to a post

make it so you can add custom reactions!!! and the author of the post cannot react.
Custom Reactions are the key to every forum!
AND the author of the post can react to their own post like what


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Fred  Thursday 13th May 2021, 09:48:13

Hi Asdd@4eef71a6,
I think you haven't understood how the Flatboard Nickname system works ....
If you say you can hack a nickname easily, then do it on mine!
Since 2011, I have never seen a "hacked" nickname because Flatboard can just do "user accounts" without having any.
How? 'Or' What ?
- By an avatar which will always be the same once generated by the Identicon plugin, or by a personalized image by making a request to the administrator of the forum.
- By a personalized signature thanks to the plugin "Signature".
- Or quite simply via the management of Tags in the Flatboard admin panel.

The answers button takes you to the bottom of the page, because the form if found here ...
Before there was a pop-up, and users didn't like it!
We must therefore make a choice ...

For the Blog part, you are the only one to find this problem, you certainly forgot to select the right options in the backend configuration.

Regarding the profile and the signature, everything is said just before.
Can the affected plugins just be improved?

For the reaction plugin (only available to premium users on Flatboard 3) it is still in test version currently, so I cannot take this request at the moment.

Note however that Flatboard does not want at any time to resemble other forum scripts weighing more than ten 10 MB ...

If you want a few things with lots of options, there is plenty to do with IPB, Vbulletin, PHBB .....

Bests regards, Fred.
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