Update Issues

Update Issues
nootkan Friday 14th May 2021, 02:42:14

Tried to update from Flatboard codename-LES AÇORES-build 180225 to flatboard 2.5 and everything seemed to go well but when I tried to login to my backend it kept telling me invalid password.

I re-installed my backup and the password worked fine and everything was back to normal.

Did I miss something as I followed the update guide on https://flatboard.org/view.php/plugin/page/p/docs.

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Fred  Sunday 16th May 2021, 10:01:06

Hi nootkkan,
The version you used is very old, and version 2.5 uses the new username encryption with a key file generated when installing Flatboard.
In your case, you simply had to restore the data folder either manually via a backup made just before the update, or by the backup plugin.
Anyway, I'm glad you got your forum back with all of its data.
Have a good day.
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