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Hay everyone, I am so far making a profile page where users are able to customize their icon and username...

Download here: Download Profile

Versions + updates:
* 1.0 - File Uploading(Must use YOUR USERNAME, do not you others usernames to change it)
* 2.0 - Now can be access by logged in users + automatically finds username all you have to do you use your encrypted password
* 2.1 - Can change tag only ONCE try adding more won't work icons can be changed multiple times, fixed download link
Hope you enjoy it

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Fred  Tuesday 28th September 2021, 14:51:55

Thank you SurveyBuilder for this plugin.
Without trying your plugin, I saw your code and you can recover the session with:
global $sessionTrip;

I would test in more detail once I have a moment...
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SurveyBuilder-Admin@58600212  Thursday 30th September 2021, 11:23:17


Thank Fred, for the feedback
I thought there was a variable for that, I just have made an update for that, but forgot to post it here.

Try to make your documentation a little better, there are a lot of unclear functions that I could or couldn't use, so I had to go base on file codes. Thanks for the global variable, but I am just going to keep it for now.

Just to clarify, the update is 2.1 and no did not change $_SESSION to global $sessionTrip

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