I'm just looking around and thinking

I'm just looking around and thinking
JesusGod-Pope666@c1adcbb2 Monday 4th October 2021, 00:28:44

Very interesting, this forum or board... Flatboard... Interesting name.
Is there a way to try any other themes on this board you have? Like a black version or something??? I would like to see the possibilities with the forum with other themes if anything fits what I am looking for.

So you can make a blog with this software? Do I need to know php to do that?

I don't mind it being minimalist, I actually like that. I just wonder if it will fit my needs. I got installed and got into the options of the board, and got out - Now I can't seem to find it again, how to get into it.

Ohhh well. Anyway, interesting for sure.

- Darkijah

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JesusGod-Pope666@c1adcbb2  Monday 4th October 2021, 00:36:08

Ahhh, found out why I could not find the Config, wrong name entered. I guess I made another user and there was not admin anymore.

Some of the things on this forum I think could be more intuitive... Hmmm I will continue to try things. See if I can get the Dark theme working with the plugin I copied over now. 😊

I don't get that the reply box needs to be pushed again after I push the reply button... I will continue to feel around the board and put my inputs out.

- Darkijah

jpg6@c1adcbb2  Monday 4th October 2021, 11:46:09

Trying to use it on my mobile as that is the important thing that it works on it.
I just tried to log in from this thread and when logged in it went to another place. On what seemed to be the front page or something. Another thing is that when you login it need to have another pushed to accept the login. One click to many waisting time.
And still can another click for opening up the box to write is unnecessary just let it be shown by default like it is shown after clicking now.

Just my thought, further will come.

- Darkijah

jpg6@c1adcbb2  Monday 4th October 2021, 11:46:47

Here you can see how much space is wasted on the left side. If the profile image could be put in a top "banner" formed box with the details then you have all the space for use for the message itself 😊


- Darkijah

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Fred  Monday 4th October 2021, 14:02:20

Hello  ,
I take note of your remarks so that the avatar is displayed differently so that it takes up less space on the mobile version.
I will also let the reply box appear once I have logged in.
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