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Banned Users


Description: bannedUsers is a plugin that allows ANY username to get banned by going into the configuration. This also has a custom ban function and a UI system. Any banned users will NOT be included in the ban list area since it only accepts IP addresses. You can use a custom ban message and my default keyword tags This will automatically create a file called {username@password}.dat.json user when a user login/registers. This also includes .htaccess to disallow anyone to access those databases and see any personal information(ex. ip addresses). This will also include an extra language(which is Spanish). This also comes with a basic default template(yes, it is written as a HTML file). You can also have a appeal link which all you need to add is the URL. Do Not include the domain name(this is automatic for you)


Keywords tag:
GET methods:
* {{GET_ADMIN}} - returns forums admin username(no password)
* {{GET_USER}} - returns the users FULL username@password which can only be access by the the TRUE user him/herself
* {{GET_DATETIME}} - returns a 12-hrs full datetime(format: m-d-Y h:i:sa)
* {{GET_DATE}} - returns date (format: m-d-Y)
* {{GET_TIME}} - returns 12-hour clock (format: h:i:sa)
* {{GET_IP}} - returns the banned users IP address
* {{GET_BROWSER}} - returns the banned users browser
* {{GET_APPEAL_LINK}} - returns the appeal link to banned user
POST method:
* {{POST_IMAGES}} - returns ALL images in the assets/imgs folder
* {{POST_VIDEOS}} - returns ALL videos in the assets/vids folder


UI is a simple formatted version of this, if you don't like spending 10 min of making the best-banned message, this UI can just simply add a basic message saying You are banned centered, a simple basic ban message. All you have to do is press the User button next to the username on the panel, and it will switch, from ban to unban with a nice icon.


Deleting a account:
You can't really delete an account because it will add them every time they join(see releases for more info)

manually unban:
1. Go to plugin/bannedUsers/db/{username@password.dat.json}.
2. edit file.
3. Convert the value "isBanned" to "" instend of "on".
4. Set "bannedmessage" to "".

manually ban:
1. Go to plugin/bannedUsers/db/{username@password.dat.json}.
2. edit file.
3. Convert the value "isBanned" to "on" instend of "".
4. Set "bannedmessage" to "{HTML_STRING}".
Note: that your HTML_STRING must be a htmlspecialchars format so it can be decoded easier(use a generator if need to)


The status is what every user will have:
3 status types:
* active
* pending
* failed

active is the default users status when joining the forum.
pending is when the Admin adds a user into the prompt(max is 5 days)
failed is when the pending user doesn't get active/user doesn't exist

* 1.0.1 - Full release
* 1.1.0 -more stylish panel
* 1.2.0 - Added user status
* 1.2.3 - Fixed creating/updating user file database


I hope you people enjoy using it

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Fred  Sunday 7th November 2021, 16:11:32

Thank you @SurveyBuilder-Admin for this plugin.
What happens if an IP is banned with Flatboard and your plugin without doing it on purpose?
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SurveyBuilder-Admin@58600212  Thursday 18th November 2021, 18:26:33

Thanks, Fred, and sorry for the late notice.
If the IP is banned your server will override my plugin, meaning that it will not do any effect on the software at all. This only attracts the administrator and the panel is ONLY viewed by the administrator, what it does is the plugin is built to compare the logged-in user's session and your "banned list" that is not part of the IP ban. That is why I made a custom panel listing for it. Otherwise, it has NOTHING to do with your IP address at all. This also includes a user pending system, if the user doesn't exist it will automatically allow you to re-pend/remove created user(for storage reason).

If you have any plugins/translation ideas you can just ask me, and I will do all the building. I have done a lot of PHP building and currently working on a PPDB(PHP Program DataBase) which is a developers tool for storing databases for developers. I know off-topic. But I will make a new language later in the year.


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SurveyBuilder-Admin@58600212  Friday 19th November 2021, 14:46:14

I also have updated it, because I found a bug that was preventing the "config" from updating a created file.