No word-wrap on topics. EASY FIX!

No word-wrap on topics. EASY FIX!
astronautsurfer@7ef8b296 Thursday 25th November 2021, 05:19:01

I like your software. It's fast and simple. But I don't like bugs (or in this case "fleas")...

I noticed that when I view topics the words are not wrapped but rather cut in half when they reach the end of the div.

In the "bootstrap" theme I fixed this by modifying line #41 in "viewTopic.tpl.php"

Old line:
<div style="width: 100%; word-break: break-all">' .Parser::content($topicEntry['content']). '</div>

New Line:
<div style="width: 100%; word-break: break-word">' .Parser::content($topicEntry['content']). '</div>

I also discovered this issue for the most recent post in "lastposts.tpl.php" on line #5.

Old line:
<div style="width:100%; word-break: break-all">

New line:
<div style="width:100%; word-break: break-word">

It was a simple fix. Just though you should know.


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SurveyBuilder-Admin  Thursday 25th November 2021, 11:20:01

This is not a bug, break-all breaks down every character that is being type, break-word breaks everything by word. The reason why this is setup is just to make things shorter instead of having long line of reading.
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Jesusgod-pope666@34030237  Wednesday 9th February 2022, 03:00:59

Join the conversation button... It should just show the writing window without the need to push it, to many clicks and confusion finding it.

In any case I can understand what he means, never have I seen any other forum that breaks text like that and it is kinda odd overall, I think this should be fixed as well to work as any other normal forum that has been in the past for sanity.

I don't see why this should be a problem to split text here and there like the good old days. Less confusion for the user overall. Great fix if it works - even if it is not considered a bug, I thought myself it was a bug that should be fixed.

- Darkijah

Jesusgod-pope666@34030237  Wednesday 9th February 2022, 03:04:25

Another feature that would be nice is to have a timestamp and 2 posted collected together if the user writes another.

Like this...

Added later 5 h 09 min 10 s:
Merge is so cool!!!

http://jesusgod-pope666.inf👋forum/viewtopic.php?id=13 <-- there is a problem writing 0 / together clearly. The word is info with a /

- Darkijah

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