My Project(WebPress) - CMS+Forum-script

My Project(WebPress) - CMS+Forum-script
SurveyBuilder-Admin Wednesday 10th August 2022, 16:04:49

I was just working on a mailing system for users on free web hosting and they don't allow PHP mail(), this is just added into my project WebPress which is going to be a CMS and a forum-script NO SQL/SQLi NEEDED!

This can be found here WebPress-Github, its not finished yet, but its got some functions for the dashboard and language files (English only) so far. This will also include a DEV toolkit that can be used for plugins, like color schemes, allies, and etc. (still in work [not finished])


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Fred  Friday 28th October 2022, 10:27:55

Good luck for your project SurveyBuilder-Admin, but i close this thread for the moment.
I don't have time too inspect your code 😊
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