Problem @mail ?

Problem @mail ?
jacK@bff71521 Saturday 26th November 2022, 19:47:24

Hi there,

I discover Flatboard (very nice) and wonder if it sends forum response alerts to users who have entered their @mail address.

Thank you to enlighten me. 😊

Ps : Sorry for my englisch. Y am french.

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Fred  Sunday 27th November 2022, 10:13:52

Hi Jack,
The mail function is currently only used to notify a discussion to the admin (spam for example).
Flatboard at its departure have the vocation to be "anonymous" with the new requests, I have integrated the fact of being able to have its own identity without registration beforehand.
Notification by email may be possible later, just add a check box in the response box with the subject's ID to integrate it.
It is true that I have less time available these days since my job change.
PS: I replied here 😉

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  • I am currently busy 😫.

jacK@bff71521  Sunday 27th November 2022, 13:30:52

Hey Fred, 😊

Thank you for your answer and your explanations here and on our forums.

I understand you're running out of time. you explained this in other posts.

I will see with Max (who also has another life than PHP) if he can do something because this function is really necessary on forums like ours.


Jack 😊

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