Edit time is corrupted

Edit time is corrupted
Max Sunday 27th November 2022, 16:30:31


I have an issue with the date when a post is edited, looks like this :

Dernière modification par Max@baef3de8 le %PM %27 %683 %2022, %CET

I dont know why this forum is not affected, but fresh install on local and online have same issue. You can see it here : https://299ko-support.tuxfamily.org/view.php/topic/2022-11-251322518f292

To fix this, we have to modify the $lastedited var, in file 'view.php'.

On line 30 replace this part :

.date($config['date_format'], strtotime($topicEntry['lastedit'])). '</span>' : '';

by :
.Util::toDate($topicEntry['lastedit'], $config['date_format']). '</span>' : '';

line 61, replace :
.date($config['date_format'], strtotime($replyEntry['lastedit'])). '</span>' : '';

by :
.Util::toDate($replyEntry['lastedit'], $config['date_format']). '</span>' : '';

Finally line 144 :
.date($config['date_format'], strtotime($topicEntry['lastedit'])). '</small>' : '';

By :
.Util::toDate($topicEntry['lastedit'], $config['date_format']). '</small>' : '';

Forum have issues with last posts too, like here :
We can read last topic ect but forum has no topic

Finally, here : https://flatboard.org/index.php/forum
At bottom look the 'International Discussions'. Max's post is written as the last answer, however Fred replied on an old topic but it dont appear.

Last modified by Fred on Monday 28th November 2022, 16:16:00

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Fred  Monday 28th November 2022, 16:15:42

Thank Max for reported issue with fix.
For the date format, do you try another format in Flatboard config?
That's okay for the last topic I'm replying to, it's a pinned thread.
You'r fix is update for the next version with a lot of bugs fix 😉

Last modified by Fred on Monday 28th November 2022, 16:19:00
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Max  Monday 28th November 2022, 20:48:06

Yes I tried another format, and only one field, like %d, but same result.
Do you know why problem is not visible here ?