Flatboard 3.1

Flatboard 3.1
Fred Saturday 25th February 2023, 18:06:07

=== 3.1 - Release date: 2023-02-25 ===
After a long time, Flatboard updated and fully worked on PHP 8 (Tested on PHP 8.2)
๐Ÿ›[Fix] PHP 8: New Captcha image
๐Ÿ›[Fix] PHP 8.2: mb_convert_encoding(): Handling HTML entities via mbstring is deprecated
๐Ÿ›[Fix] PHP 8.1 PHP Deprecated: trim(): Passing null to parameter #1 ($string) of type string is deprecated
[Add] Translation and update old
๐Ÿ› Some bugs fix!

Thanks to all the people who support Flatboard! (Language pack, plugins, feedbacks...)

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Replies 3
RED-LINE@ab6168da  Monday 27th February 2023, 10:36:51

And thank you! Hope you added all my translations (core as well as plugins). Any way I'll check new version soon to find ways how to improve translation =D

Btw, may I have any contact with you? I tried to find you in facebook and linkedin - but it was unsuccessfully.

SurveyBuilder-Admin  Monday 27th February 2023, 11:28:22

I may or may not have died on the plugins part ๐Ÿคช.
Software engineer, creates plugins for Flatboard, checks source codes, and answers any software errors questions and contributes on the GitHub page as well

Tillreetree@fc7e1f5a  Monday 27th February 2023, 12:11:18

that's real nice

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