Hello admin

Hello admin
beibei@6fa6bc6b Friday 2nd June 2023, 10:56:23

Hello admin,I have purchased the professional version and sent the information to your email. Please provide the download address for the professional version

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SurveyBuilder-Admin  Friday 2nd June 2023, 12:21:18

On the behalf of Flatboard(I just feel like saying this), thank you for supporting this small project.

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beibei@6fa6bc6b  Friday 2nd June 2023, 14:03:49


How do I view information and obtain updates on the PRO page?

beibei@6fa6bc6b  Friday 2nd June 2023, 14:14:46


Thank you.

I have sent the relevant information to stradfred@gmail.com No response received!

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Fred  Friday 2nd June 2023, 16:51:40

Don't worry, I replied to you on the other topic, I'm closing this one.
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