Easy way to change user names?

Easy way to change user names?
ben@1e3fad14 Thursday 13th July 2023, 20:02:37

Looking a way to change the profiles of users, so they show up as names only instead of appending the password has like this.

Example One: user@88e47129
Example Two: user88472

Would like the user names to be shown as user1, user2, admin etc...

If there is a way to manually edit these name that would be acceptable.

Tried the profile plugin but it has several code errors in the latest version of Flatboard.

the first errors are seen in the config profile menu under plugins:
Notice: Undefined index: display_menu in ~/lib/HTMLForm.lib.php on line 231

Notice: Undefined index: accept in ~/lib/HTMLForm.lib.php on line 111

Another error shows up when you view any forum posts near the bottom footer:
Notice: Undefined variable: script in ~/plugin/Profile/Profile.plg.php on line 183

Other than that this forum software is very nicely done. Small lightweight and lightning fast. Thanks for all your efforts Fred! ๐Ÿ˜Š

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SurveyBuilder-Admin  Friday 14th July 2023, 03:51:32

1. My plugin(Profile), hasn't been updated in forever.
2. You can change the username on the tags tab in the config area.
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