Another puzzling and strange anomaly in the titles

Another puzzling and strange anomaly in the titles
Ben@36f53e20 Saturday 22nd July 2023, 03:04:37

When writing a post on streaming, Flatboard eliminates the word streaming. I have noticed the same behavior with words like Apple TV, and Roku. It's the most bizarre thing. And I already checked the bad words filter and none of these words are listed there.

Here's an example


Very strange, as you can see from the photo the full title does show up in the middle of the three titles shown, but it is invisible under H1 heading, when viewing the forums and also when viewing the post itself.

Yet when you view the file itself under data/topics it shows the full title there also. So something in the forum software is taking random words and making them invisible.

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Ben@36f53e20  Saturday 22nd July 2023, 03:09:19

From a test post, I just added, the same words filtered under my build are not happening here on this forum so something must have become corrupted. I'll try turning off plugins to see if it makes a difference.

But I think I narrowed it down to the tags which are causing this issue. Because the same words that disappear from the tiles also have tags named the same thing. Hope this helps narrow it down.

I'm going to try deleting the tags to see if that fixes it.

That did the trick. First I deleted the tag from every file that used it in the data/topic folder. Then went to config and deleted the tags from there and now the words that were invisible before on my forums titles, and post topics are showing up again.

When creating Tags, be careful what you name them if you plan on using the names inside of titles. Still not sure if it's just my build, maybe someone can try a test and see if this same thing happens on other forums as well. Then we'll know for sure.

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