Simple Fix for the Somewhat Hidden Reply Form

Simple Fix for the Somewhat Hidden Reply Form
Ben@49a5762e Thursday 17th August 2023, 03:22:24


Here's a simple way you can draw more attention to the post-reply form. People are not going to want to reply to your forum posts, if they can't see an easy way to reply.

Rather than changing the layout of the software, simply making a small change to the en-US.php language file, located in flatboard/lang can make a huge difference. This is just a basic text change, modifying "Join the conversation" to read: CLICK HERE TO REPLY!

It would be nicer to also add a small button icon this could draw a little more attention to this accordion box. If someone knows an easy to add this even better.

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kat@a82479f8  Monday 15th January 2024, 01:04:47

yeah that would be nicer