Managed to Lock MySelf out of My Admin Account

Managed to Lock MySelf out of My Admin Account
Ben@84171e7c Monday 4th September 2023, 02:58:35

Imagine my surprise when changing my password in the config screen, I went to log in with my new password, and am no longer an admin on my forum. The Config button was gone! This meant neither my old password nor my new one no longer gave me access to my flatboard forum as an admin.

Before the sheer terror and panic of forever losing all my work for the past two months set in, I decided to poke around in the server files on my web host. Here's what I did to fix it.

1. Downloaded a .zip file from the backup folder. If you are not using the backup plugin and making regular backups as your site is updated, you should be, This is what saved my site.

2. Extract the backup folder from the zip. Make sure the backup you chose is prior to one from when you changed your admin password.

3. Open the config.dat.php file from the backup config/folder and overwrite the one currently on your web server inside the flatboard/config folder. This will revert your admin password to what it was before. Which should then enable the config button and give you back full access to your site.

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