Lost in Code - A Poem

Lost in Code - A Poem
Tillreetree@fc7e1f5a Friday 29th December 2023, 12:11:22

The woman sits at her desk,
Her eyes fixed on the screen.
The code is all around her,
A sea of symbols and numbers.

She has been working for hours,
And her mind is starting to wander.
She thinks about her friends,
Her family,
Her life outside of work.

But she can't tear herself away from the code.
She is drawn to it,
Like a moth to a flame.

She knows that she should stop,
But she can't help herself.
She is lost in code.

The hours pass,
And the sun begins to rise.
The woman is still at her desk,
Still working.

She is exhausted,
But she can't stop.
She is lost in code.

The woman can't take it anymore.
She stands up and walks away from her desk.

She goes to the window,
And looks out at the world.
The sun is shining,
And the birds are singing.

The woman takes a deep breath,
And smiles.
She is finally free.

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SurveyBuilder-Admin  Saturday 30th December 2023, 18:13:09

Reasons why men work and not women we can deal with these a lot better, but yes that is the life of a programmer.
Software engineer, creates plugins for Flatboard, checks source codes, and answers any software errors questions and contributes on the GitHub page as well

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