Has anyone ever tried building a theme?

Has anyone ever tried building a theme?
shoaiyb@b4cd1e7b Sunday 18th February 2024, 14:53:52

Hey, I've been busy building a personal finance blog recently which I believe a forum also has additional benefits.
But the thing is that I want my forum to look the same as my blog and the default theme doesn't look anything like it. Has anyone ever tried building his own theme? Or is there any detailed explanation on how to make a theme?

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Tillreetree@fc7e1f5a  Monday 19th February 2024, 04:27:11

I previously wrote an article explaining the purpose of each file in the theme folder, hoping to help you.

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simple4geek@2846e04f  Monday 19th February 2024, 22:25:27

stille wondering how to figure it out, snowflakes crashed already...