I suggest to create some user profile pages

I suggest to create some user profile pages
WebCrew@80089111 Thursday 11th June 2020, 18:49:57

This FlatFile Forum System in particular would be ideal for many guilds and clans from the video game corner or for some hobby clubs. For this reason it would be awesome if you could create user profile pages. An avatar and a header image with some info fields for name etc etc (ingenious would be custom fields that could be created by the admin).

Another small suggestion would be to find an easier solution for the custom avatar upload. Here in the forum very few have their own avatar and I think that is probably due to the rather unusual way to get one.

Maybe you can find solutions for this that would be awesome.

Thank you for your work @Fred
All the best for the future!

Regards, Andy

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Fred  Friday 12th June 2020, 08:34:15

Hi WebCrew,
Once Flatboard 3 is released, this would be possible with a plugin of which I already have an idea of how to make it.

The plugin will add a link in the "Profile" menu, with a new page and identification test between the connected user and if a file with his name exists, which will serve as a database (Json of course).

From this page the user will be able to modify parameters predefined by the plugin.

I just need time or a developer to be able to work on it.
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WebCrew@80089111  Friday 12th June 2020, 23:56:16

Thats a great idea and sounds very promising.

I know 😊 there is always the need for more time 😉
Sadly I`m not so familar with Jason. I know its not so hard to learn and its some of my next things to learn on my personal to do list 😊
Maybe I can help a little bit in the future. I hope Flatbord will get more known and more developers find a way to it.

Many good projects have already died because it is so difficult to survive the long initial period until they are well known. I know how frustrating it can be sometimes, but you're halfway there and I think Flabord will be getting around more and more soon.

Kep up the good work, you have great ideas and visions!

Kind regards, Andy

SurveyBuilder-Admin@58600212  Saturday 30th October 2021, 02:48:00

I have created a Profile plugin for anyone to use

Check out this Forum to view more

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