Questions before purchase

Questions before purchase
Fenris@fc7e1f5a Sunday 14th November 2021, 19:22:23

Now it has grabbed me and I am heavily excited.

However, I have a few questions:
Since I would like to support the project I am very interested in the Pro version.
Here, however, I come with a click on "amazing Plugins" back to the home page.
Which plugins are included and can be used out of the box?

The upload of a picture dont works fine?

How does a user verify themselves if there is no storage for it?

Which of the hooks can I look at Where and how to possibly adjust them?

Same question about the downloads that are available?

Where can I mark "all messages as read"?

How can I create forum categories so that the style looks like here on the Flatboard site and not like on the DEMO site (strictly one below the other)?

Is there a possibility to get support for the installation and setup (I am not a professional) ?

Many thanks for time and effort

With best regards from Bavaria 😉

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Fred  Tuesday 16th November 2021, 18:53:13

Hi Fenris,
Thanks for your interest in Flatboard!
1°) & 2°) This image below is uploaded on imgur.
3°) Just with hidden tags in "Tags" configuration
4°) Sorry i don't understand your question.
5°) What do you want to have on downloads?
6°) Sorry is not possible, but you can check easly on home page (lasts posts list)
7°) Just some change on template bootstrap/forum.tpl.php you can check bootstrap documentation and view demo.
8 °) Yes you can, but try free version before, is very easy and fast to install Flatboard 😉

Best regards Fred.
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