Can start new discussions but when I go to reply nothing happens

Can start new discussions but when I go to reply nothing happens
ben@deb7a31d Friday 14th July 2023, 23:55:15

Very strange thing is happening on my Flatboard install and also here on this forum. I can post new questions or topics, and the editor window comes and everything works normally. But when I click reply this URL which I tested from my forum will be shown:


But there is no editor window is anywhere to be found. Tired it in several browsers, and different user accounts. It just shows the post, with no place to enter a reply. I thought maybe it was something wrong with my particular install, but the same exact thing happens on this forum also when try to reply to any forum posts.

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ben@deb7a31d  Saturday 15th July 2023, 00:27:17

Figured it out, you have to first click on your user name that says Welcome back. Then the editor window shows up. A little different than anything I've ever used but now it makes sense. Found this in a video that Fred shared on YouTube, which was better than a thousand words. lol

ben@49a5762e  Friday 18th August 2023, 02:46:14

Here's a simple edit you can do to make the reply box stand out a little more on your forum:

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