Flatboard 3.2 "Shiba"

=== 3.2 - Release date: 2024-05-21 ===
After a long time, Flatboard updated and fully worked on PHP 8.2 (Tested on PHP 8.3.7)
๐Ÿ›[Fix] PHP 8.2: French date
๐Ÿ›[Fix] PHP 8.1 PHP Deprecated: strftime โ€” Format a local time/date according to locale settings
[Clean] Cleaning up unnecessary code @Simon ๐Ÿ˜‰
๐Ÿ› Some bugs fix!

Thanks to all the people who…

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tips Global blog functioning

As you've noticed, Flatboard (since version 1.0.1) now integrates a blog.
To activate it, nothing more simple. You need to go into configuration once logged in as an administrator.

You will find there simply 2 options. One allows you to select the forum you would like to see as articles and this will automatically activate the blog,…

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tips Some rules against identity theft

1ยฐ) I repeat, but use a username with a password this way: Username@Password.
2ยฐ) Add a custom image in .png format to the ./uploads/avatars
folder, taking care to rename it if there is a space in the user name and replacing the @ with a _.
Example My pseudo@a52d7Z97
Become Mypseudo_a52d7Z97
3ยฐ) For administrator…

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Due to an oversight in the Flatboard code, the debug mode is enabled by default!

This debug mode causes, during installation, Flatboard to automatically send an email to @Fred containing:
- The title, description, and URL of the forum
- The administrator's username, email, and password
- The…

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Sorry for any delays!

Hay Flatboard Community, I just want to apologize onbehalf of speaking for the flatboard admin(@Fred) and myself, we have been very busy lightly and are not able to fix every problem and resolve things due to things been going on nor be able to reply to the problems that have been occuring. Just to let…

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Schedule change

Starting in the early fall, I am heading of college, I will be offline for a lot of time, and won't be able to make many plugins/moderate as much. I hope you guys/girls understand. I would be missing the ability to make plugins for you wonderful people. Thank you for your time.

SurveyBuilder-Admin(Flatboard Moderator)

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plugin Back to making plugins again!

Hello everyone, I am back to making plugins again, if any request go to this forum
Request Plugins

I am going to make @Tillreetree@fc7e1f5a Birthday notification, and will be released soon, hope you all having a great day!!!

SurveyBuilder-Admin(Flatboard Moderator)

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Flatboard 3.1

=== 3.1 - Release date: 2023-02-25 ===
After a long time, Flatboard updated and fully worked on PHP 8 (Tested on PHP 8.2)
๐Ÿ›[Fix] PHP 8: New Captcha image
๐Ÿ›[Fix] PHP 8.2: mb_convert_encoding(): Handling HTML entities via mbstring is deprecated
๐Ÿ›[Fix] PHP 8.1 PHP Deprecated: trim(): Passing null to parameter #1 ($string) of type string is deprecated
[Add] Translation…

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